Using “Time Machine” to see a Report’s metrics from the past

By default, when viewing a Report, it will always show the latest values for those Metrics in this Report.

If you want to see how these Metrics looked at a day in the past, you can use “Time Machine”.

Click “Time Machine” then enter a date in the past, then click “Go”. This will show your Report as of that date, with the metrics compared to the previous period from that date.

Note: The actual report date might be slightly different from the date you selected in Time Machine. For example, you might see that if you selected “September 15th, 2019”, it displays Metrics for “September 14th, 2019” instead. This is because it displays the latest available Metrics that were recorded in SunriseKPI before the date you put into Time Machine.

When viewing a Report in Time Machine mode, the URL for the page will change, so that it includes ?date=YYYY-MM-DD. This enables you to share or bookmark this URL if you ever want to come directly back to it (however, you must log into SunriseKPI in order to view any page inside your account).