Manually get your latest numbers

SunriseKPI will always gather and record all of your Metric’s latest values on a daily basis at 12:00am EST, automatically.

However, if you ever want to manually get your latest numbers right now, you can do that from your Dashboard.

Go to your Dashboard, then click “Refresh”. You will see the SunriseKPI animation for 10 seconds before the page reloads.

This will generate new Metric Snapshots for each of your Metrics as of the time you clicked “Refresh”.

Most of the time, all of your Metrics will have been refreshed by the time Dashboard reloads. However, if you have a lot of Metrics, or if the services take a bit longer to connect to, you might need to manually refresh the page a few moments later to give those Metrics time to make their way into the Dashboard.

When you manually run your Metrics, this will be recorded in your Metrics history, just like your automatic daily snapshots.