How Reports Work in SunriseKPI

By default, when you open your SunriseKPI account, your first Report will be created for you. This is called “Daily Report” but it can be customized and renamed.

You can create additional Reports, each with different settings, timeframes, and names.

Common use cases for Reports

  • Your daily report
  • Your monthly report
  • Your quarterly report
  • Your annual report
  • A report for each of your different businesses
  • A report sent to different people in your company
  • A report sent to different clients

Create and configure a Report

Go to your Reports then click “Create Report”.

Give this Report a name. This name will display at the top of the Report when viewed in SunriseKPI. It will also be shown in the email you receive for this report, in the subject line and at the top of the email.

If you want this report to be automatically sent to an email address, input that email address. Each of your reports can be sent to different email addresses, if you want.

Reporting Frequency

Select a frequency for each Report. The options are:

  • Daily
  • Weekly on Monday
  • Monthly on the 1st of the month
  • Quarterly on the 1st of each quarter
  • Yearly on the 1st of the year

The frequency of a report determines how often it will be sent via email (if email is activated for this report).

The frequency also determines how the Metric Snapshot values will be compared to previous values. For example, if a report is set to a “Monthly” frequency, the Metrics Values will be compared to the previous month’s values.

Note: Your Reports frequencies will not change how often SunriseKPI gathers data for your metrics. SunriseKPI will always gather new data on a daily basis, as long as your SunriseKPI account remains active.

Select Metrics for a Report

A can include one, some, or all of your Metrics. You can select which ones to include. This determines which Metrics are shown when viewing the report and receiving the report via email.

You also have the option to enable all Metrics you add in the future. If this option is checked, then anytime you add a new Metric to SunriseKPI, it will be automatically enabled for this Report.