Customizing how a Metric displays its value

There are various ways to customize how a Metric is displayed in your Reports, Dashboard, and emails.

Override the label

Sometimes, you might want to display a Metric using a different label than the name you gave this Metric in SunriseKPI. This is helpful when you have a lot of Metrics, and if you have Metrics across a variety of businesses.

You can override the Label when editing the Metric. If you leave this blank, then the Metric’s label will default to the Metric’s name.

Set the number of decimal places

Many Metrics offer an option to specify how many decimal places you wish to display. If you put 2 here, it will round the value to the nearest hundredth. If you put 1, it will round to the nearest tenth. If you put 0, it will round to the nearest whole number.

Show currency

If the value is a currency (for example, a Dollar amount or a Euro amount), you can select a currency symbol to display. You also have the option of displaying the currency symbol before or after the value.

Show percentage

If the value is a percentage, you can show a % symbol. When using this, you should uncheck the box so that it displays after the value, not before.

Reverse positive & negative

Sometimes, the lower a value is, the better. A good example of this is a Metric that displays your churn rate or the number of customer cancellations you’ve had in a month.

When this is the case, check the box for “The lower this value is, the better”. This will reverse how the change (increase or decrease) is displayed. If the number decreased (good), then the change value will be shown in green instead of red. If the number increased (bad), then the change value will be shown in red instead of green.